“Your cookies are amazing.”
–Becky H

“The BEST cookies. Ever. Seriously!”
–Dayna R

“Oh my gosh…I want these so bad! They were the most delicious cookies I’ve ever had! How do we get these to AZ!?”
–Maggie C

“I can verify these cookies are as phenomenal as they look!”
–Erica B

“Now I want to go bake them…emphasis on NOW…. Is 5:25 too early to eat cookies?! I think not! … Pure, unadulterated deliciousness!”
–Margaret K

“Best. Cookies. Ever. I need a monthly subscription!”
–Megan G

“THE BEST cookies — thank you Colette for making the cookie dough…road trip happen!!”
–Pam S

“Oh.my.gosh. Your cookie crack is SO AMAZING.”
–Jennifer T

“I need your pre-formed cookie dough again SO BAD! … Best cookies I’ve ever had.”
–Bonnie L

“This is how we all feel about your cookies. Dude. These are so bomb. …I want two dozen.”
–Amy N (photo used with enthusiastic permission)

“Your cookies are soooo good! It’s probably a good thing we aren’t close or I’d be ordering weekly. Thank you so much!”
–Deanne W

“Perfect treat for the end of the night.”
–Gina A

“I neeeeeed these.”
–Tracy A

“I can’t EVEN with how good your cookies are. I won’t tell you how many I’ve already had….”
–Marci C

“By the way…if you haven’t yet, you really need to go enjoy some of Coco’s Cookies!! These are the best cookies! 🍪🍪 They are delicious and really big. You get them frozen and cook from frozen, and they turn out in the perfect sized cookies!”
–Brittany M