Curtiss and Collette "Coco"
Curtiss and Colette “Coco”

I always had a passion for chocolate chip cookies. Because I love them so much, Coco’s Cookies was the beginning of my journey for the perfect chocolate chip cookie that met my standards. Sweet…salty…crunchy…chewy had to all come together exquisitely.

My hope is YOU love Coco’s Cookies as much as we do.

Why was the journey important to me?

As a single parent, my sons were my life. I wanted them to do those things that other boys do like sports. But money was tight, so I made my cookie dough for my friends and family. They loved it! And my young men got to play sports.

Through the encouragement of these same people, I made cookie dough for even more people. It wasn’t long before the community knew about Coco’s Cookies.

Even now my recipe has not changed, and I only use the highest quality of ingredients.

Why “Coco?”

Although my parents named me Colette, it was hard for some of my young cousins to say my name. So someone shortened it to Coco, and it became my nickname.

When we decided on a business name five years ago, all my boys liked using my nickname. Thus Coco’s Cookies was born.

It’s guaranteed — we will maintain the scrumptious quality of our cookies and the integrity of our business operations because I’m putting my name on it!

The Melder Family: The folks behind Coco's Cookies